Linear movements represent an important part of modern production facilities. The implementation of millions of cycles means that the demand for automation is steadily increasing, while ever higher accuracy and better quality are required in the components. The linear motor, based on synchronous technology, offers considerable advantages in terms of dynamics, accuracy and reliability.

As a competent partner for electromechanical solutions, we offer innovative products for fast and exact positioning and repeatability tasks.The aim of our linear units is to facilitate the work of technicians and engineers and provide a complete axs with guide profile, guides, linear motor, encoder, M23 connector, limit switch as well as energy management chain. The grease-lubricated guides allow to operate without having additional maintenance. Directly driven linear axes offer numerous advantages - compared to conventional axes, they have a much better efficiency, higher overload capacity and better cost-effectiveness. Outstanding motors and transmissions are no longer required. Our MLL, MLE and MLU series are also compatible with the most common servo control amplifiers. This allows you to use your usual servo control amplifier and thus achieve faster commissioning.

Since the requirements are as different as the applications in which linear motor axes are used, we also offer more and more specific and flexible solutions in addition to standard products. Whether you need high, flat, narrow or wide axes ... Depending on your individual needs and requirements, you can easily obtain individual and/or complete axe systems (also in overlapping sizes).

Our linear units are highly precise and dynamic products and can therefore be used in a wide range of different applications. The following areas are just a few examples of them, but the market is still growing:


Mechanical engineering

Laser processing

Food industry

Printing industry

  Clean Room

Photovoltaic Energy

Assemblage-Drive Technology

Textile industry


 Vehicle industry

Pharma industry

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