The ever-growing needs of machines for automatic assembly, demand high quality and reliance for all components, especially those that perform to make millions of cycles. As a competent partner in electromechanical solutions, SINADRIVES provides innovative products for fast and precise positioning. Thanks to standard plug & play linear units, we can offer customised and flexible solutions for packaging, plastics, pharmaceutical, or photovoltaic sectors.
The objective of SINADRIVES linear units is to make the work of technicians and engineers easier. Ready 3D models, assembled with power chains, as well as different multi axis combinations provide solutions ready for fast and precise positioning. Everything is included: profile, guides, linear motor, measuring system, end blocks, plug M23 connectors, limit switches, and power chain. The linear motor based on synchronous technology, offers considerable advantages in dynamics, accuracy, and durability. The integrated oil supply in the guide
allows it to operate without any maintenance. MLE and MLU motors are compatible with the best amplifiers in the world market. Just use your usual amplifier to achieve fast commissioning of your application.

Cutting & Stamping

Food Industry